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Originally Posted by nrakid88 View Post
Were you shooting with the gas on or off with the birdshot?
I closed down the adjustment all the way and then opened it up to setting #2

Originally Posted by hellraiser View Post
hey target masters let you shoot it? last i heard they werent "maglock" friendly.... but that was some time ago.
I shot it there, it was busy that day, I checked in and only showed them my ammo. No one looked at me or my lane the whole time I shot, the thing is to be low key. Some of the employees there arent too sharp and I got in with slugs one time and they got all mad when they could hear extra loud bangs. They tried to kick me out and then I did a 4 round burst with my MPA930 and no one paid any attention. So they're a little strange. Another time I brought my AR pistol with a 22lr conversion and they didnt even know what an "AR pistol" was so I said 22 Pistol.
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