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Originally Posted by BlueGhillie View Post
Did this build and it worked flawlessly... except it's definitely 4-5/8" with the new p-mags I have. The 11th round will just barely depress the 10th but won't go in. As for the epoxy, you don't need near that much. Just roll the end in a small puddle place it and put the pin in. This beats buying the factory 10/30's for $30.
A toothpick can be used to apply the epoxy HOWEVER, I have found that dropping the mag on the floorplate or subjecting it to physical shock WILL break the bond. I believe this is due to Magpul using a Teflon additive in the PMAG polymer. I have since switched away from epoxy and now insert a stainless steel roll pin in the baseplate.
Originally Posted by SoCalRandy View Post
I have to admit I haven't read all 191 posts in this thread but after doing a search I still can't find any information about how to permanently seal the floor plates on these pmags? What is the preffered method you guys are using, epoxy, JB Weld, rivets etc.....
My preferred method is a roll pin in the baseplate. It's inconspicuous but robust.
Originally Posted by JT1989 View Post
Thinking about pickup up some PMAG rebuilds to do this with. The 10/30s I bought work well, but I can't insert them on a closed bolt. I figure doing it this way should give me enough play to insert it on a closed bolt when full. Thanks for the info OP
Be careful with this. The polymer that PMAGs are made of WILL flex about 1-2mm and it only takes 2.5mm to slip the next round in. The ability to load on a closed bolt can result in your 10rd mag being able to accept an 11th (will not feed but the law is how many can it accept, not how many can it feed).
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