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went over to Thordo's shop today and he installed them in my mags, now can't wait to try them out.

My AR radllock BB is incompatible with the magazine tool since the opening on the Radlock is too small so I switched it out for the original bullet button I had on my rifle. Everything works out fine and it definitely helps speed up mag swapping when I practiced.

In the future I think I'll get the Vamfire MLD ( to put on my rifle. I run a .22 upper sometimes and I think the opening on the Vamfire is enough to fit Thordo's Bullet Button Tool.

Originally Posted by Jpach View Post
Just do what M Sage and others have said to do, they know what theyr talkin about. Just dont urinate in your barrel and expect ur rifle to be ok. My buddy and I recently went shooting and he shot corrosive yugo ammo through his Mosin and figured he could just piss in the barrel and call it a day. Several days later the bolt was rusted shut but I guess the fouling wasnt TOO bad.
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