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Default Last Thanksgiving talk over LEAD!

I beliveve the hype over everything is bad for you has gone way beyond our reality, we have had Lead in our meat since it could br shot from a gun and I know ingested into our bodys?
Somehow we over the past 100 years have gone from the stone age to Man on the moon and Nukes we have gotten smarter, and in a blink of a eye over the timeline of time in general we are a pinhead in that line.
My big brother is a world reknown Microbiologist and also a MD he has his Phd in microbiology. Over the Thanksgiving Table I had to shoot fun of the mecury poisioning and the lead poisioning making the human's stupid. My brother and I bit split shot wheights when we where young fishing. I told him I guess it really mess you up David? He is all over the world giving Lectures and also is a Lab Tech at Stanford now. Lead in food has been out there since the metal was added to the gun? Pewter has lead in it, correct?
daily serving plate's. Duhh?? Whats up Man?? Cheech and Chong will be a real brain washer, Legalize the dope, there is a real brain killer. I used to be there. I woke up and didn't want to be a couch potato! Years ago.
Born here in 63 this State Makes me sick and may have to move out , Every freedom stripped, Enviromentalism over food production? Sick Politicians in love with a minnow, Be Real !!
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