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Originally Posted by beemaze View Post
I think you need a VP70Z on your list too
There are quite a few actually. VP70Z, P9S 9mm Target, P9S .45 Target and Combat, P7K3, blued P7M10, P7M8 Jubilee, USP .45 Match, USP .45 Combat Competition. Also want to work on my USP .45s. I'd like the compact, fullsize and compact stainless, 3 color framed USP .45s, USP .45 50th Anniversary, and then there's the super rare (in the US) German variant P8 and P10 which are actually USP 9mm fullsize and compacts under a different name and with spurred hammers as opposed to bobbed hammers.

I've had opportunities to purchase almost everything mentioned above in the past but for one reason or another I've passed. Normally because the prices are inflated, sometimes they don't have the original box and manuals, sometimes they're in poor condition, etc.

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