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Originally Posted by MudCamper View Post
Groats, you must not be from California. The sad reality is the opposite of what you state. Our legislators get elected by promising to pass more unconstitutional gun-control laws.

I have given up on my legislature. They are all idiots. No matter how many letters, emails, faxes, and phone calls we make, they continue to pass asinine laws. Now I give money to CGF to fight in the courts. That is the arena where we will win. And we will win. But spinning our tires trying to sway the legislature is not worth the wasted effort.

And the purpose of this thread is to help figure out how to obey the law. We may not like it, but it is the current reality that we must deal with. Not educating oneself is unwise IMO.
I have written to my 'Legis-critters' many times on gun and other related legislation, without success. I too have given up writing to them, but instead give funds and assistance CGF, CRPA and NRA to fight the battles in court.

And, thanks MudCamper for helping us understand our asinine state laws in regards to carrying in the forest, hunting, fishing or just backpacking.

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