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Originally Posted by mls343 View Post
So, after reading this thread, if I go to the Pinnacles National Monument Park (national Park), I can take a firearm with me to my designated campsite, but I cannot take it with me on a hike (California law). I can have it in my car or in my tent, but I cannot carry it concealed in a backpack.
You can carry loaded in your campsite. However, if it is private as others have stated, then they could conceivably have a no-firearms rule, in which case they could ask you to leave or "refuse service" and have trespass law on their side as a means of enforcement.

You can take your firearm with you on a hike. You just can't have it loaded, but you can have loaded magazines handy. And of course you can't conceal it (unless you have it in a locked container or happen to qualify for the 12027 fishing exemption).
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