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This is a great thread. I started getting into the OLL AR's and guns in general a couple of years back, and most of my time having firearms and transporting them from place to place has been spent in Arizona. In AZ, I got used to having a loaded firearm next to me in a holster in my vehicle most of the time and open carrying wherever and such.

Now that I am living back in CA, I worry about driving anywhere with a firearm and espescially my Colt LE6940 (has a raddlock now). I guess I don't feel confident that I know the laws well enough, espescially
since laws pertaining to firearms even vary from county to county in CA.

So let me see if I have the basics down.... 1. I can drive with my rifle (even oll) in the back of my tahoe in rifle case 2. Handgun must be in a locked case in back 3. Firearms must be unloaded

I might be making a range trip soon. Excellent point about keeping gun cases out of view as well as all other firearms related stuff. Am I missing something?? Thanks guys
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