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Default Saiga 12 Conversion, Updated pictures, break-in results

Here is my conversion, I did the work since it was pretty easy
UTG butt pad
K-Var warsaw pact length black stock
TAC-47 Trigger Guard
Tapco G2 Single Hook
I reused the FCG spring since Im a cheap ***, after 200 rnds on tuesday at SVRGC the spring did not show any movement and held the pins in place.

I chose to try the light loads for break-in even though others say break in with heavy loads... I checked my gas ports and found 3 unobstructed ports; good to go there. Didn't polish the contact points on the FCG, its a shotgun not a precision rifle. I did lube the rails and extractor with some CLP...

I alternated mags of 10 rds from each type of ammo found at walmart. The winchester is weak as hell and the hulls crush upon extraction. The federals stink like hell but hold their shape and showed signs of cycling as soon as i hit around 70-80...
THE FIRST 150 FAILED TO EXTRACT and every one after that cycled just fine! It was a great feeling because I was getting frustrated manually cycling the gun. Its broken in now, nothing heavier that 7.5 birdshot used.

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