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Originally Posted by CavTrooper View Post
Ran some 77gr Noslers through my 1-8 20" Sabre Defense barrel yeserday using reloader 15. 24.2gr gave me a single ragged hole @ 100Y but when pushed to 300 was wholelly unimpressive. Thinking i need to push these a bit hotter, no pressure signs so far and from what im seeing the "max" loads are very conservative.

Intersting seeing the groups change as i progressed in charge weight. At the lower end, was having verticle groups, when I hit 24.2 the groups tighted up dramatically but were more inclined to be horizontal.

Think i had some scope issues when I switched my targets out to 300Y so im not giving up on the 24.2 just yet, just gonna see what pushing them a bit hotter will do.
Do you go out to Lytle Creek to test your loads? I just purchased 80gr SMK's, 8lbs of Varget, Hornady Ogive guage, Forster ultra micrometer seater and a chronograph. Looking to use my AR with 1:8 HB 223 wylde with Buckmaster 4.5-14 and 30 MOA base to 1k. I may be totally retarded for trying to do this with .223 and not keeping my .308
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