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Originally Posted by m24armorer View Post
Tomorrow I will give you guys a link to NFA trusts, it's on a favorite silencer forum. And it works.

Originally Posted by oaklander View Post
The main idea is to make sure that the trust, by its operation, never creates an illegal situation. This has to remain true now, 20 years from now, 40 years from now, etc. . .

BUT, please, please, please make sure that you have a lawyer who is familiar with NFA issues review the completed document before you submit it to the ATF.

There is simply too much at risk to attempt to save a few bucks on something like this.
True. Too many people try to save a buck only to end up spending more bucks to clean up the mess they made. Then they expect a lawyer to work miracles to save them from themselves.

Originally Posted by Telperion View Post
I've read into the use of NFA trusts since they became widely known. It seems the common places where the legality of ownership comes into question are:

- someone other than trustee in possession
- trustee unable to serve, or legally disabled from possession
- beneficiary legally disabled from possession
- situations arising from a trust merger

Again, I've seen a lot of innuendo from lawyers, but I'd like to hear specifics of why Willmaker trusts are deficient.
Pretty much where you pointed it out... Willmaker and those fill in the blank trusts do not take into account the 3rd party or 4th party actions that may arise when the trust is exercised by operation of law. Not to get into specfics but the way a trust operates, sometimes people who are not covered in your original intent becomes involved, which can be tricky when it comes to NFA items.
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