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Originally Posted by insin
That looks like genuine German HK furniture. Definate not standard on the PTR

Yep, that's what I thought too. I'm not sure if JLD used to use real German furniture on their older guns or not.

Can anyone tell me more about that grip: Is that from an HK91 or G3? I've seen a few of those grips for sale, but they didn't have the steel protrusion with holes for the retaining pins.

To illustrate, compare these two trigger groups:

Notice that the plastic one has a steel protrusion to the rear with holes in it where the retaining pins keep it locked into the gun: the G3 "SEF" trigger group does not have this, so how does it stay locked into the gun, and how would it fit onto a PTR?

Also, does anyone know if the real HK buttstocks had real rubber recoil pads?

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