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Originally Posted by Francis Marion View Post
The point is, if we exclude possible risk and inconvenience from our interactions with police, we also fail to educate our police on the legal validity of OLLs.
A cop that's ready to take you in for your OLL is not going to be open to an education from you.
Put yourself in his place, but change the situation, maybe to something drug related.
Who are you going to believe... your training, or what your suspect tells you is legal.
As an OLL firearm owner, should you be ready, even if you're not willing, to talk to a cop (with a CalGuns flowchart and passages of relevant CA law), at least until such time as OLLs are no longer remarkable.
The flowchart may be helpful, maybe not.
I was introduced to it and lurked on the forum for about 6 months before I joined CGN, and my first reaction when my friend showed me the link was "Ya, right... I can own an assault rifle with one small change to the mag release just because some yahoos on the internet claim that it's legal? I don't think so!"

Now today... combining the flowchart with the SacPD and OCSD training bulletins, you've got a better leg to stand on.
- Rich

Originally Posted by dantodd View Post
A just gov't will not be overthrown by force or violence because the people have no incentive to overthrow a just gov't. If a small minority of people attempt such an insurrection to grab power and enslave the people the RKBA of the whole is our insurance against their success.
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