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Originally Posted by Charliegone
So far I have 2 Ewbanks ak's built and 1 armory USA ak built all by me. I must say after the first and second ones the third one (the armory usa) was pretty easy. Just took me one day (or rather half a day) to demill and one day put together. All rivets except front upper four holes which I udrived. Shot one already and works perfect. Just need to try my other two...heck man lets have a Southern California ak get together at a local range.

BTW I still have an ak-74 receiver to build up on...2 or 3 just isn't enough...heck man now I want an rpk!
I have a Polish Tantal being built (should be done end of November if all goes well) and a Polish AKM being built on new Armory USA 1.6mm receivers.

In fact the rifle on top is an AK47 built on one of the new Armory USA 1.6mm receivers using a Bulgarian kit.

I really like their new receiver, funny how .6mm makes the receiver feel more solid almost like a milled receiver.

BTW, where did you find the AK74 kit?
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