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Originally Posted by Flat Broke View Post

I don't want to derail this thread, but I've seen a few "oops" moments here and there with regard to both fixed magazine and featureless builds. I'd hate for someone to get reamed by a DA and potentially lose their 2A rights because they configured their rifle in an order of operations that temporarily created an AW.
Yes, it is good not to accidentally build an "assault weapon", since California makes it so easy for anyone to be a felon when it comes to firearms. Gotta keep spending more money on those prisons than we do on schools, ya know.

A picture is just a picture though. Even though the 2nd amendment isn't recognized in California, the 5th is. The pictures could have been taken in Arizona, Pluto, or taken from someone else So I wouldn't feel too paranoid if anyone here posted a picture of a weapon that everyone else in the rest of the country aren't felons for possessing. This is a featureless photo thread though, so....

Unfortunately I'm still waiting on parts for mine!
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