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Default Important Point for Newbs!!!!

Originally Posted by zum View Post
pinned my Magpul ACS stock and joined the featureless club

how did i pin the ACS? watch and learn

The video is great, and a nice alternative to drilling a hole in the stock to run a roll pin through the tube and stock itself. I may add this mod as a second layer of protection to my already drilled and roll pinned ACS.

With that out of the way, there are a couple of things I'd like to point out to CAL AR newbs with regard to featureless builds. First and foremost is that an AW in CA is a centerfire rifle with a pistol grip and the ability to accept detachable magazines; or a detachable magazine configuration with evil features (that's the laymen's description so don't go comparing to PC). This is important because a lower receiver separated from the upper receiver does not constitute a rifle. For that reason I'd advise separating your upper and lower receiver whenever making configuration changes to your rifle. In the video the magazine was fixed with a radd lock, but by separating the upper and lower, you add another degree of safety.

This brings up the second important point. When building a featureless rifle, even though no one is around, an illegal configuration is an illegal configuration!!! If a DA wanted to, and could prove that your order of operations created an instance where the rifle temporarily met the criteria for being classified as an AW, you'll have some "splainin" to do. It's best to always consider your actions to be witnessed by the eyes of the law, and use appropriate forethought when configuring your rifle. Remember, we always act within the letter of the law.

Last but not least, if people aren't 100% sure that their current "featureless" configuration is truly featureless, don't take a picture of the assembled upper and lower receivers and post em on the internet. There is absolutely no shame in asking, but don't assemble a configuration until you're 100% sure it's truly featureless and confident enough with the configuration to be able to articulate your stance to LEOs. If you need to take pictures to convey you question, that's perfectly fine, just don't assemble a possible AW to find out whether or not you have one

I don't want to derail this thread, but I've seen a few "oops" moments here and there with regard to both fixed magazine and featureless builds. I'd hate for someone to get reamed by a DA and potentially lose their 2A rights because they configured their rifle in an order of operations that temporarily created an AW.

Now to get this thread back on track, I'll have to take some pics of my current featureless setup tomorrow and post em up

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