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Default River City Gun Exchange

Originally Posted by D53 View Post
I know I am way up here, but like I have said millions of times before and its even in my signature, but the guys at River City Gun Echange are great. When my wife went in to buy a Kimber 1911, Paul took his time to answer all her questions, there was no push to sell her a gun at the time. He must have shown here about 8-9 guns before they settled on the Kimber.

I have also been in there many of times and have watched other employees take the time to answer all questions and not hesitate to let a female hold a firearm to make sure thats what they really wanted.

And no I do not work for them or get any special treatment for mentioning them, I do it because out of all the guns I have purchased through them and all the guns I just fondled while at their store, I have always recieved great service.

I witnessed the same service, Ijust purchased my first OL Rifle and the day I went pick it up, there was a lady speaking with one of the salesmen and she was explaining how she has had some young men harrasing her after she gets home for work. He was very respectful, helpful, and knowledgable, and she purchased a S&W .357 revolver that day. She mentioned to me that she had been there three times trying to decide what gun and also whether or not to get it at all. The salesman also reccomended some training classes and the range in ELK Grove to rent a couple and see how they feel. And no I do not work for them either. Just a fan.
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