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Originally Posted by diginit View Post
This one got to me.... To Protect and to serve? Who?
Kinda makes me sick....True, police are a necessary evil, But to protect and to serve...My A*s...

To protect and serve the corporatist-statist plutocracy against the "little people". To provide the ultimate backstop - legitimized murder - for every law and regulation, whereby a cascading failure to obey ends up with the citizen on the receiving end of a mag dump.

For instance... Peon is given some bull**** ticket. "I say you turned on a red, your word against mine, that'll be $450." Peon doesn't pay the bull**** ticket. Ticket turns into a bench warrant. Peon is pulled over but doesn't wish to get arrested for bull****, "You know what, copper, go fsck yourself." Cop radios for the coroner and goes on a two week vacation.
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