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Originally Posted by Knauga View Post
If you have good cause in an area that is not likely to issue, this is a good resource.
We'd like to think that that is a good resource for anyone wishing to learn about the CCW application process and relevant laws for anyone in any area where CCW's are not given out freely (and, to us, that means all of them).

Billy Jack has several decades of experience in this area, and is one of the few people to have a relevant court case named after him.

TBJ, contactable through the site, is willing, for free, to critique your Good Cause and guide people through the process, right up to (if it happens) the redenial after an appeal. This in any area, you can screw up an application in a near Shall Issue area by going about it the wrong way. Best to get your ducks in a row right from day 1.

Should the denial appear to be challengable in court, and the client wishes to fight it, TBJ is then able to step into a paid advisory service, complete with its own P.I.'s and attorneys, to help you fight the decision. Although this will cost you money, this will be discussed up front and TBJ does its best to help people keep this to a minimum.

However, TBJ can be blunt with people, perhaps when the Good Cause is, say, no more than a wish in a county that wants cast iron good causes or when the applicant is wishy washy and/or "dubious" in some way. Some don't like this, but do you really want us to sugar coat a poison pill? If you don't stand (much of) a chance of getting a CCW, we tell you.

It costs nothing to run things past us, and may save some disappointment later.

Incidently, we assist several people most every day. Many of these contact us later and tell us that they indeed have been granted their CCW. Most say that the information and free advice we have given them make things run a lot smoother.
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