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Monterey area, I shoot at Laguna Seca and Markley's fairly often also. Wouldn't mind getting together with any other calgunners some time at one of those ranges. Just recently got back into shooting, was big into it when I was young, and my aim isn't what it was when my dad paid for the ammo and there were no bills for me. Then I kind of slowed down for a few years when most of my babies were stolen, lesson learned, cheap gunlocks don't work, get a safe. Slowly rebuilding and improving most of my collection, except for all the high cap mags I will probably never see again unless I move out of state. I guess we gotta work with what we got in this state huh?

No special skills to offer really. But I'm not a bad person to be around and love shooting, whether at a public range or somewhere out in the boonies going rapid fire for the sheer pleasure of it, well as long as it still hits the paper I guess. Practice makes perfect! (or at least better)

I guess this is kind of an introduction post also, since I've been lurking here but haven't really posted much since I have had nothing really productive to add to most threads. Glad to see at least there are a few calgunners in my immediate area.
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