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Exclamation Routine Reminder: Please Inform CGF of Any Unusual DOJ Activity

This is just a routine reminder that part of CGF's role is to make sure that law-abiding FFLs in California can go about their business without any unwarranted interference from any government entity. . .

In particular, we are interested in any strange or unusual interactions that you may have recently had with the DOJ/BOF.

If you have had any strange or unusual interactions with the DOJ/BOF, please PM me with the date, description of the incident, and the name/contact info for the Field Officer(s)/Agent(s) involved.

Again, this is just a routine reminder, and was not preceded by any particular event. Rather, we just want you to know that CGF is here for you if you need us!!!

Examples of strange or unusual interactions might include:

1) Unannounced visits from field agents.
2) Repeated visits from field agents.
3) Requests to copy or take business records.
4) Attempts by field agents to pressure you into doing something (such as not selling a particular item) without any basis in law.
5) Threats, either implied or direct, or ultimatums of any kind.
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