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Default "Sexy and 7eventeen"

Okay.... call me "Old School"

***The 20rder I picked up at FedOrdnance back in the late 80's****

"just to compare size" (stock on M1A is 12" LOP-not used on these 3 photos)

I wanted a SOCOM,I have a LOADED and a STANDARD,sooo...
I had the STANDARD cut down to 17",threaded and installed SEI SOCOM Compensator.SADLAK,TUBBS,SUREFIRE X200 were added,USGI wood stock and skateboard tape on butt plate plus DANISH sling.The WEB gear is mostly NAM time frame with a SUREFIRE G3 and a ONTARIO OKC 3S bayo.

"Oh yea!" She is "Sexy!"

Be safe,
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