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Originally Posted by adamsreeftank View Post
Very nice tutorial.

How does the anodizing compare to a commercial hard-coat anodize?

Would you consider selling custom stencils? Maybe text only? I'd be interested.
I donít know how you can test true surface hardness; there should be a scale somewhere. I have anodized pieces of scrap and then tried scratching them with 2x2 steel angle iron. I was whacking them pretty hard and could not scratch, or dent the surface, but the same raw aluminum marked quite easily. For some only type III will ever be good enough, but Iím quite happy with type II. These same people say only 7075 aluminum is hard enough, when others are making receivers out of plastic.

I'll think about the stencils, but I don't seem to have enough time latley.

Check out my engraving gallery on my website, Thanks
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