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Originally Posted by Jicko View Post
As for project 1,

I want some powder suggestion!!

Here is what i know:
- 40.2gr of ?? powder (looks like 1/3 longer than varget)
- 2735fps out of a 26" barrel
- 2580fps out of a 20" barrel
- SD <15fps!
- 175SMK
- FED210M

So, WHAT powder is less temperature sensitive and will give THAT velocity, with only 40gr!?!?
My Varget ( And Benchmark ) has been growing spiderwebs and hearing sounds of crickets ever since I got my bulk order of IMR 8208 XBR from Powder Valley.

In my 20" 308 , I am getting 2620 with 175 gr Berger VLD's and 42.3 gr of the XBR with awesome groups. After buying a few 1 pounders and experimenting....I went ahead with the 8 pounders.

Give the XBR a try......its extremely temperature insensitive ( Prob the best out there at the moment ) and as a side bonus flows through a powder measure like butter.
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