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Why build your own???

For me I’m building family heirlooms, these guns will be here long after I’m gone. I hope they will say something about what I stood for.
That’s the second amendment etched into the upper receiver.

As to reliability, mine are as good as the best out there. Being perfectionist drives a lot of us that build our own.

I have collected arrowheads forever. Most were just chipped to be shot once and never seen again. The builders didn’t put much time of effort into them, and why would they.
But others are works of art. Why? Why would someone put so much time and effort into an arrowhead?
If you can find the answer to this question you will have your answer.
And yes I have built my own Bows and Arrows; I still chip arrowheads now and then.

Check out my engraving gallery on my website, Thanks
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