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A few tips in response to some questions I've received.

A cheap NON-automatic automobile battery charger 12 volt, 10 amps should work fine.

An automatic automobile battery charger would read a dead short and turn itself off.

One thing I learned the hard way is that the positive side needs to be connected to the lower and the negative side to the Q-Tip. I got it backward once and it ate away the clip holding the Q-Tip, and barely marked the work piece (in this case just a piece of scrap).

If the bare clip touches bare metal there will be sparks, tape off the surrounding area.

I recommend testing any setup on a piece of scrap before trying it on a lower.

Example of text;

City State
serial #

Max is 10 maybe 12 letters/numbers per line.

If you want room for artwork the Manufacture and city should be moved to above the hammer pin/selector area.

Check out my engraving gallery on my website, Thanks
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