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Originally Posted by ar15barrels View Post
You could leave the die 1-2 turns away from the shellholder for neck expanding purposes.
You won't need to move the shoulder back.
Bring a few cases when you come for the barrel install so I can make sure to chamber deep enough that new cases fit easily.

Once you fire the cases, you will remove the expander button and use only the bushing to re-size the neck diameter.
The case mouths end up being round after the busing sizes them.
At this point, you will also want to properly adjust the sizing die to bump the shoulder back 0.001" or so.
Got it. So if the mouths get dented just running them through the bushing with no expander will still round them back out.

I'll need to order my brass this week too then to bring you some since i have been waiting till i got closer to actually shooting it. I guess i need to start prepping soon anyway.

Can you tell i've been using nothing but Lee dies for the last 3 years
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