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I guess you all could consider me to be a member of both Central Valley chapters, because I live in Madera, and work in Fresno. Member ChuckDC and I are close friends.

I work as an IT Support Tech for the Fresno County Library, so I'm all over the county, from Big Creek to Orange Cove to the Westside. I do more than IT, though, since I have previous experience with all kinds of communications equipment. I buy, sell, and rent two-way radios; I have some small PA systems, and I even have a small telephone switch.

I've been doing electrical, electronic and mechanical stuff all my life, so I'm pretty well rounded. I've done sheet metal stuff, machine shop stuff, welding and fabrication, mechanic work on small and large engines, mechanical assembly, and instrumentation. I've even stacked and climbed towers and hung antennas.
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