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Originally Posted by nimoZ View Post
If you drill them when they are empty, the follower get caught on the little bolt you install and may limit the mag to 9. (should only be an issue for the stubbies, afaik(

If you instead drill them loaded with 10 bullets - dummies preferred , then with the drill in place - take out 1 - 2 dummies, the follower will hang on the drill. Pushing and releasing the 9th bullet, you can make the drill cut a path - or use the drill in/out.
- I thought of moving tool to another location but could not find a better one.

Also, using a smaller drill bit would probably help avoid the hole getting too big - we don't want that
Hey Nimoz,
The set screws for the PMAG kits can be 1/2" long instead of 5/8" long. Do you think that would solve the problem?

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