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Originally Posted by goober_0 View Post
a valid argument could be made that SLO county belongs in Central Coast, demo- & biogeographically. Pt. Conception is generally considered a border between the Central and Southen regions of CA.
being that it is PC & south, SB Co. should definitely be considered Southern CA Coast.

i'm fine with the map as-is, and am not in the county in question. i'm just agreeing with the idea that technically SLO belongs in Central not Southern.
I agree in part. Many of us Santa Barbarians also consider ourselves as part of the Central Coast.

While I didn't map the regions, I do believe there to be a strategic advantage to grouping SLO with SB and Ventura counties.

That being said, the South Coast Community Chapter welcomes with open arms anybody from SLO county.

Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post

Soon it will be clearly immoral to routinely violate the bill of rights like the California courts so enjoy today.

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