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Calling corrections and Hold-over vs. Dialing.
It's possible (and recommended) to use your reticle to view your bullet's impact and then make a correction to make the next shot a better hit.
Depending on the distance, you may not get the reticle back on target before the bullet lands, but as long as you can see WHERE the bullet landed and make a mental picture, you can then put the reticle back on target and measure to where the shot landed by recalling the mental picture.
For example, let's say you fire a round and you observe the impact is 1 MIL to the left.
This is probably because you did not judge the wind well, or the wind changed after you made your judgment.
You can either hold the crosshair 1 MIL to the right and send another round right away, or you can dial a 1 MIL right correction and fire again with the same hold as before.
The advantage of holding-off for wind with the reticle is that you can watch the wind conditions and make small changes quickly just before you fire.
The advantage of dialing is that it lets you have a more precise sight picture, but it's slower than holding-off using the reticle.
The same rules apply to elevation corrections.
If you (or your spotter) calls a 1/2 MIL elevation correction, you can hold-off if you are in a hurry or dial it if you have the time.

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