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Originally Posted by PORCH View Post
Yeah he has a piper cub. He wants to be a crop duster with acreage shrinking right now it is not looking too good currently.

As for the CCW you pretty much have the process down. I met with the Sheriff's Department and they were more than willing to get me one until they found out I lived in the city. They basically said go apply through the PD, get denied and come back to see us. From what I understood, they don't want to step on the PD's toes by issuing permits without first giving the PD a chance. I ran into Jordan downtown though after that and discussed my situation with him and he thought that given my good cause it would be hard for the PD to deny me however he said that if they do to come see him; so I'm pretty optimistic. I plan on turning in my packet next week.

I live in town in Hanford. I recently went through PD to get my CCW. Wasn't too much trouble to get it, but they guy taking the papper work to Chief Mestas is a good friend of mine. I didn't have any propblems. But I will tell you they do want a good reason on your applicaiton. While my was going through i spoke with my buddy who will remain nameless, and at first iI used a work related reason, which i did ultimatly use, but they wanted a letter from my employer stating it would be ok for me to carry at work. After I explained my employement relationship to the PD they let me proceed.

Seems to me Hanford PD is a little over protective, but still reasonable, but I might not be the best example, my references were a visalia officer, Hanford PD Captain, and the Hanford DA.

It is good to hear that Jordan is CCW friendly.

Good luck.

BTW the lady that process the papper work for Hanford PD is a really nice lady, you just have to make sure you play innocent, and be really nice to her. I picked up my permit BEFORE I took and of the CCW cert. classes. I told her I hadn't taken the class yet, she didn't care. same thing happened to my father-in-law.

Anyway good luck.
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