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Originally Posted by greasemonkey View Post
I'm addicted to the Military Channel and History Channel, I only watch TV maybe a few hours a week and it's usually one of those two. Does your friend have his own plane? If so, what is it?

Does Kings County still want you to go through the formality of applying through P.D., getting denied, then going through the Sheriff? I played poker several times with the former Sheriff and still never understood that, he was pretty lenient on just cause and had a shall issue stance; not sure how Chris Jordan is on permits but based on knowing him personally, he's very aware of how good it is to have upstanding citizens armed.

Yeah he has a piper cub. He wants to be a crop duster with acreage shrinking right now it is not looking too good currently.

As for the CCW you pretty much have the process down. I met with the Sheriff's Department and they were more than willing to get me one until they found out I lived in the city. They basically said go apply through the PD, get denied and come back to see us. From what I understood, they don't want to step on the PD's toes by issuing permits without first giving the PD a chance. I ran into Jordan downtown though after that and discussed my situation with him and he thought that given my good cause it would be hard for the PD to deny me however he said that if they do to come see him; so I'm pretty optimistic. I plan on turning in my packet next week.
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