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Originally Posted by PORCH View Post
Hanford here. Just graduated from Cal Poly in June. Work for a farm out in the Stratford area. In the process of getting my CCW. I love to hunt and just shoot in general. I like reading and learning about guns and I would like to start learning more about Military History. Also to the aircraft guys, one of my friends is a pilot so I also enjoy learning about aircraft.
I'm addicted to the Military Channel and History Channel, I only watch TV maybe a few hours a week and it's usually one of those two. Does your friend have his own plane? If so, what is it?

Does Kings County still want you to go through the formality of applying through P.D., getting denied, then going through the Sheriff? I played poker several times with the former Sheriff and still never understood that, he was pretty lenient on just cause and had a shall issue stance; not sure how Chris Jordan is on permits but based on knowing him personally, he's very aware of how good it is to have upstanding citizens armed.

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