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Default The Ultimate Bullet Button Tool


Due to the draconian laws about to be inflicted on us 2nd amendment loving Californians, Thordsen Customs has begun phasing out our original product, The Ultimate Bullet Button Tool (UBBT). We are already seeing sales drop at a rapid pace as the beginning of the new year approaches.

We are phasing out all UBBT kits, magazines, and accessories. Once our current supply of UBBT tips is gone, that will be it, history, never to be seen again.

In the nearly six years since the UBBT was introduced, we have met many people by email, phone, walkins, and during the nearly four years that my wife and I spent on the gun show circuit, traveling the state from Redding to San Diego showing our little tips. I would like to say THANK YOU to all who believed in our product and helped it become, arguably the most practical solution to the ridiculous AW laws we must endure here in California. Sadly, with the stroke of a pen from the same kind of beaurocrat that created the AW laws in the first place, one solution to the ridiculous laws no longer has a purpose.


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