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Sweet merciful, another forum for me to add to the rounds?

Brandon knows me, but many here don't. My name is Jason, and I prefer to be called just that.

I am currently employed as a server at Outback Steakhouse on Howe (If you come in and ask for me I'll buy dessert) while attending CSUS. Aside from long walks on the beach, I occupy myself by building guitars, teaching guitar/music theory lessons, practicing martial arts and wine tasting. I recently bought a house as an investment redirection and spend ALOT of time fixing it. I speak 2 languages, play 9 instruments, and enjoy coffee to an unhealthy extent. I coordinated the most recent Calguns booth at CalExpo and met many members. I also volunteered at 2 previous Cow Palace shows.

I love meeting local Calgunners. If you want to go to the range, hang out, go bar hopping, or just kill time, PM me.
If you live in the Sacramento area, check your Local Forum frequently to see how you can help restore Gun Rights.
I am fighting for OUR RIGHTS by donating $20 a month to the CalGuns Foundation through GunPal. It is time to step up, California.
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