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Originally Posted by Darklyte27 View Post
randall, whats your suggestion for a mid range *150-500$max* single or progressive press? I got all the S type match dies already but the lee press i have now is a bit slow and has some play. what do ya say?
Personally, I use a Lee Classic Cast for most of my single stage sizing now.
It's the only press I own that I did not feel bad about bolting to the bench on my back porch and letting it rust.

After the cases are sized, I am seating bullets with an arbor press.

Since you have to lube cases before sizing and then remove the lube before loading, and then individually weigh your charges, you don't really save any time loading precision rifle ammo on a progressive press.

Now, for blasting grade ammo, a progressive is absolutely the way to go.
Look at a Dillon 550 or 650 with my nod going to the fully setup 650 with a casefeeder.
Of course this blows your $500 budget right out of the water.

For a good single stage press, look at the RCBS Rockchucker or perhaps a Forester Bonanza press.
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