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Originally Posted by Jpach View Post
Damnit. Didnt some people say its cool to use a Kydex grip/MMG type thing as a foregrip since it doesnt allow for a pg-style grasp? Shouldnt this be the same then?
Kydex/MMG don't allow a pistol style grasp. Thus, GTG. Now if you actually added a Kydex "fin" that extended behind the AFG, like a MMG, it'd be ok on a featureless. Ugly, but legal.

Doesnt a finger stop technically allow a PG style grasp too?
See posts 21 and 27. The finger stop is not a grip and thus it's irrelevant whether or not you *might* be able to get the web of the hand behind it. Furthermore, I challenge anyone to actually HOLD and CONTROL a rifle with one hand using only the KAC handstop. It's impossible.
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