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Originally Posted by ChrisO View Post
I don't really think the open space is the problem, Did you not see the pic tech posted? He is not holding through the hole and holding it with a pistol grip type grasp.
Damnit. Didnt some people say its cool to use a Kydexgrip/MMG type thing as a foregrip since it doesnt allow for a pg-style grasp? Shouldnt this be the same then?

I see what your saying and I agree with you actually, Im just bringing up something that might aid in the discussion here.

Doesnt a finger stop technically allow a PG style grasp too?
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Originally Posted by kotton View Post
I have to try that method of attaching the front of a sling to the gun via pubic hair.
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Best part of buying that stock is it comes with its own complimentary jar of anal lube! There were several flavors to choose from, regular, hot cinnamon, or bacon. Im a man of danger so I chose Hot cinnamon to use with my bump fire buttstock.
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