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Originally Posted by Meplat View Post
My son bought a K9 for my daughter in law. The trigger was awful and accuracy was unacceptable times three! Several very good to expert pistol shooters agreed that the thing was a POS. They gave the thing away and my daughter opted to stick with her LadySmith.
Hi Quick Draw McGraw and Melplat. I am currently shooting a PM9 that someone in my college class loaned to me. I totally love it. I'm a girl (5' 4") and I've got pretty small hands. I've taken it to the range 3 times now and I am waaay more accurate with it than the previous guns I shot which include a Springfield 9mm subcompact and a bursa 380.

This last time I went to the range, my bullet holes were in a 3" grouping at 7 yards away. For me, that is really good! So I as a girl would definitely vote for the PM9, especially with a grip extender. I'm pretty sure I will buy this one from the guy in my class. Just my 2 cents
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