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On the indoor ranges, there are two public ones in Vacaville: Guns & Fishing and Center Mass. The first rents handguns, but I don't think they have rifles. I haven't been there in over a year, so you may want to check their site or give them a jingle.

Center Mass is just getting started. When I was last there, they hadn't gotten any guns in for rental. Again, I don't think they have rifles available. However, I tend to favor them only because they don't have as many crowds and are very friendly. When I'm there, I'm really practicing and not plinking -- I appreciate less distractions.

IMHO outdoor ranges are pretty regardless of the weather. But then, I fish in all sorts of weather. As NorCal mentioned, the noise and air quality are a bit better outside. As long as there is good range supervision at either an indoor range or an outdoor range, you're going to be ok.

Hope I answered your question sufficiently. If not, feel free to drop me a note -- and best of luck!
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