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I agree with NorCal -- if you can swing by with the rest of us, please do so -- although I don't mean to pressure you. 9MM is graciously offering his services.

First of all, I have shot matches in the past, but that doesn't mean I am the best at anything. I try to be open to everything since the discipline I shoot isn't regarded as a spectator sport (Bullseye). Watching grass grow has more excitement unless your competing.

However, aside from my prime objective (meeting Calgunners and putting faces to the names,) I'd like to see the range. The match director of the 2700s there is one of the guys I run into at other matches. I'd like to see his home range and participate in some of his matches.

And yes, my two other girlfriends are not "seasoned" shooters. One has had a firearms safety course and has plinked a little, but nothing formal. The other joined the Napa Academy and has some instruction, so I guess she would be at the intermediate level. My last GF is like me, married to a cop, so I guess that's explanation enough as far as experience goes - lol

NorCal, please don't be nervous... this is what was told to me the first time I walked onto the line, surrounded by Masters and Experts. When I was done, the guy who won the match and not just his class very kindly told me that without Marksman (the lowest rank for beginners) there would be no Masters. We all have to start somewhere.

Unless it's storming like mad, I'll see you folks in a few days!
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