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Default Kaboom @ Angeles 1-10-10

I want to thank all of the well wishers and supporters of my son's recovery for his very unfortunate accident at Angeles gun range last Sunday. We're thankful that no one else got hurt and that I was able to visit him in the hospital today and not spent it making funeral arrangements instead.

Sunday a surgeon spent 2.5 hrs working to do hopefully the best work available to repair the damage. My Son, according to the surgeon had four broken bones and some ligament damage to his left hand, the one he was holding the gun with just in front of the chamber. If you notice the hole on the side of the I believe chamber is a vent, that's where he received a good amount of schrapnel that broke his hand. The bolt lever was being pushed by his right hand/palm forward when the bullet discharged before the lever was locked into place. The result was a severe laceration to his palm but not as devastating as the damage to the left hand.

No hammers, no channel locks, no tools except the hands this young man uses to make a living were used to attempt to close the action of this gun were used.

I met him with his mother and our daughter, his sister in recovery after his surgery he was quite depressed but glad no one else was hurt. His account of the event was the same Sunday night as the sedation wore off as on Monday evening when I visited him. No hammers, no channel locks, no tools no hang fire only hands.

We don't know what exactly caused this unfortunate event to happen. I've been in contact with the mfg. on Monday and he seems quite concerned as I would be if I was producing an item like this. We will try to work together and determine what caused this event.

As far as some of the speculators some of you might want to stay out of the stock market. And I noticed some have a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth and the other end also. If any of those (and you guys no who you are) posters go for your colonoscpy, inform your MD. you've got another set of vocal cords in your rectums so as not to be surprised when he sees them.

I'm a 1100 hour power pilot and a 1100 hour sailplane pilot currant in both (and I own one of each), no way do I want somebody at my memorial saying he died doing what he loved doing. I'm prone to mistakes just like the next guy, I just don't want to leave a black mark for other people to have to clean up. I'm sure for the majority of you guys you would want the same for what you love to do.

The next time I (if I do) post will to be to give answers to why this event happened if there are any.

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