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Hunter, you wrote:
Thanks for the clarification on your methods, but how does your FFL dealer handle those handguns that are not on the approved list? Doesn't the DROS come back denied for those transfers? At least that is what I have seen and the FFL refuses the transfer, regardless of letters or not.

Or is it those magic words in the comment box that allows the DROS to come back positive?
If the person at the California DOJ who handles your DROS is not familiar with this policy, it may come back denied at first, but as soon as a field representative is contacted, it is straightened out. Put simply, gifts from IFMs are exempt from being on the Certified Roster, and it is being DROSed simply to follow Federal law, which mandates that it go through a licensed dealer. In addition to a DROS form, an ATF 4473 is slaos filled out. It is very important to state the "gift" nature of the DROS in the comments box. I cannot stress this enough. And, the dealer should keep a copy of the gift letter, to keep with the paperwork.
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