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Originally Posted by rksimple View Post
Neck sizing is kind of overrated for what we do. And you can adjust the FL die to just size the neck if you so desire. The Redding FL bushing die leaves just the smallest section of the neck unsized so you get some of the purported benefits of neck sizing.

In our game, reliability is job one. That means FL sizing.
Wow.. so even at the cost of less brass life and having to lube all the cases? It seems that neck sizing would help with accuracy and i don't ever remember having any problems neck sizing in my Tikkas. Stiff bolt handles once in a great while but not to the point it presented a problem.

I think i'd rather take the benefits of neck sizing over the reliability side of it. Im not putting my life on the line at CaPRC.... at least until Randall creates a stage where the Jackrabbits fire back at us!

But i guess if the Redding die can be adjusted to do both why not just get it!!??

BTW i was really looking forward to not needing to FL size for a Auto Loader!!! Can't you tell?
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