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I'll be there with my usual new-ish shooters, aka Mom and Big Sistah. I was hoping to bring another newbie but she had a schedule change. I might be able to bring a replacement Newbie.

I'll have my .44Mag with some light loads. Carla, I know some of the shooters liked that one because of the custom trigger job. I've only made up 25 rounds of the gallery loads. I'll have to scrounge up some more brass.

Do we need a pie?

Mmmm, pie shoot! I've yet to place 1st!

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Toys I'm looking for (PPT/used): Thompson Contender receiver and barrels
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Huntin Obessesion / Active Junky / Dvor / Ebates
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WTS Crimson Trace (P228/P229) Beretta 1201FP

CGSSA on Amazon

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