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Hi Britbird. I'm new here too, though not quite as new at shooting...

Liberty Firearms Training in Elk Grove is an excellent place for you to get training. They are very female-friendly, and have dealt with many, many students who have a fear of firearms to different degrees. One of the best things about the basic pistol class is after handling multiple weapons and learning about gun safety, I was MUCH more comfortable at the end of the day. The interesting thing is one of the gals in our class was REALLY afraid of guns at the beginning of class ended up being the best shot out of all of us!!

I dont' recommend your husband teach you how to shoot. There are so many other factors that come into it when you do that, and you'd probably be more likely to take criticism more personally than you would in a professional instructional setting. Plus, if he's been doing it awhile and you end up being a "natural," he's not likely to take that well

Along the lines of teaching your kids...I have 3 boys who have done the airsoft & BB thing for quite awhile, and someone gave me a suggestion that I thought made a lot of sense. While I don't want my kids to be "afraid" of "real" guns, I do want them to have a healthy- VERY HEALTHY- respect for them. And one concern my friend had was my kids were SO comfortable with shooting their "toys" (not that someone can't be hurt by airsoft or BB) that they needed to CLEARLY understand the difference. So this friend recommended we go somewhere outside to shoot (we live part time in NV, so we didn't have to go to a range necessarily) and shoot something besides targets (watermelons, pumpkins, an alhambra jug with liquid in it, etc) so they can see how much more damage is done by a real gun. I will say they were a little surprised- and that was a good thing. They need to understand that guns are NOT toys. At the time my youngest was 6. And I would also agree that it depends on the maturity of the kids involved. My youngest might have only been 6, but he is not only mature but has 2 older brothers...

I hope you keep working through things and find enjoyment in your new hobby!
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