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Thanks to everyone for all of your comments and especially for the cup of tea!! Do you have any digestive biscuits to go with that?? (ask your Mum Irish Pirate LOL). Just to answer your question I am actually from North Wales originally, but I have been over here for 15 years. Still have the accent though, which is good, because I would be in big trouble with my Mum otherwise!! It's funny because people comment on it every day!

Everyone has made some good comments (doubling up on ear protection, persevering with it, starting off with something not too powerful, ie a .22 etc)and I know at this point I probably just need to get out there, get on with it and start getting used to the idea! My husband is probably NOT the person who should be teaching me, he doesn't have the best of patience for a novice like me. All of this is second nature to him and he has a hard time taking it back to basics. But like I said I do want to be part of his interest, so hopefully this will be something thst we can do together at some point.

As far as our son is concerned, I feel that I need to learn first and then maybe I would feel more comfortable if he was involved. Mummy bear is super protective of him and if I am in a situation where I don't feel particularly comfortable then I am going to be a nervous ninny!!

Thanks so much for all your support and encouragement!
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