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i would highly recommend you rent and shoot a S&W alloy J-frame, or any J-frame, before deciding on it for CCW. while the size is very handy, it is one of the hardest revolvers to learn to shoot well.

if you'd like a gun that size range and like the DA trigger, i can highly recommend the Kahr 9mm family of subcompact pistols. the steel framed models are easier to shoot and have a better reliability record, but the polymer framed one's are lighter. in either case, the trigger pulls are excellent...better than any un-tuned J-frame

if you'd like to stick with a revolver, i would suggest you take a look at the Ruger LCR. it has a better shaped grip frame and better trigger geometry than the J-frame

just to let you know the basis of my recommendation, i've carried a tuned S&W 624 (stainless version of the 442 you mentioned) for years as a BUG and currently carry a Kahr CW9 (economy version of the polymer framed 9mm). i was recently able to handle a LCR at my FFL (first time since the SHOT Show) and was very impressed by the feel
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