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Originally Posted by FloridaEllie View Post
Yeah, they all looked at me like WTF. But that was because I wasn't always pointing my gun down range, so I think I deserved it. It was my first time and I didn't know!!! Then a shell went down the front of my shirt and I started jumping up and down because it was hot, and I got that look all over again. What I've learned: guns only point at targets and leave the exposed cleavage at home when going to the range- Targets aren't impressed by perky boobs!! HAHA
So true! I feel semi frumpy when I go to the range, but overall having it all hanging out isn't sexy when it could end up hurting me! lol
Originally Posted by ChrisTKHarris View Post
I'm not a big fan of VAG.
Originally Posted by M. Sage View Post
Testicles of steel, bladder of titanium.
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F the World Bank
F the UN &
F Obama

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